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It's not the class of license the Amateur holds, it is the class of the Amateur that holds the license!
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I started out in Amateur Radio in the Late 60's ealy 70's with the callsign WB9FHP and a Tech Class license because at the time my main interest lie in VHF/UHF and FM modes. I lived with my parents in French Lick, Indiana in those days. I was very active in the Air Force MARS during "Nam" and also had achieved my General Class by that time and had "moved" up into some of the early "digital modes", especially RTTY and FAX. In those days, (the "70's"), we had to build our own rtty modulators/demodulators and the machinery was noisy, smelly as well as cantankerous to say the least...but it sure was fun! I love to tinker so I built a lot of little projects such as 3-500Z linears and lots of antennas. I had also done several conversions and mods on Motorola and General Electric FM and built one of the first amateur repeaters in Orange County in the late 70's and early 80's. Starting in the mid 80's my radio activity became spotty due to work and other priorities, but there wasn't a day went by that amateur radio wasn't on my mind. Just a few years back I got back into the hobby full swing and am here to stay! I hold an Extra Class license now and am active in the local club and and am the ARES EC for Orange County and the DEC for District 8 here in Indiana and I also served 2 years as Section Emergency Coordinator. I love running PSK-31 on 20 meters and digital modes on 40M but you can also find me on both digital and analog SSTV and on seveal SSB nets on 75 and 40 meters. I still tinker and build antennas and love to mess with FM repeaters. There is no limit as to what you can do in amateur radio today and as always the folks that make up this hobby are great! I also now have a Packet BBS on 145,050, a WINMOR WL2K RMS station which operates on 3574 and 7074 and am the CAN alternate MBO on Pactor 1,2 & 3. So if you hear ol' WB9FHP..."UP ON RF HILL" somewhere on the air be sure and contact me, I just love to meet new people and make new friends!



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