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This Weeks Pix from the Big Tornado Outbreak of May 2nd 2012
Rain-wrapped Tornado in Southern Indiana!

Rain Wrapped Tornado Near Holtn, IN
Tornado and Cloud Formation Near Holton, Indiana!!
So Far it has been a record breaking Tornado Year in Indiana and its only March. The above picture comes from our good friend Delbert WY9L of Osgood, IN. This picture of a rain-wrapped tornado that had just passed through Holton, IN near Osgood...Delbert said, " I was not able to see this tornado very good as I was holding on to a mail box for dear life!" He went on to say, "I don't need to go out west to see tornadoes anymore as I have seen one up close and personal!" To Delbert WY9L goes many thanks for sending us this amazing photo!
Wake-up&Roll-Out Breakfast Feb 2012

This is a shot of the OCARC's February 2012 "Wake-Up & Roll-out" Breakfast at the Maple Street Restaurant in Orleans. I was taking the photo and on the left side (Front to back) is Jim KC9UTA, Harold K9JYA, Don N9YGP and Jim N9PRZ. On the right (Front to Back) is Charley KC9OZB, Charley's XYL, Chuck N9NAP, Lex KC9VHQ, Marsha N9PTY and Marsha's Mother. We always have a great time on the Last Saturday of each Month!

N9TUL Gerald

Gerald N9TUL from Ft. McCoy, FL One of our regular Echolink Contacts

Snow in March 2012

If you don't like the Weather in Southern Indiana just wait a day and it'll change....From Tornados and 68 degrees to 33F and 4 inches of snow in two days. This snow happening on RF HILL March 4th, 2012!.

Red Green??

Live..Direct from 'RF HILL'..it's my pet possum, Red Green!


One of our good friends Ray, K9ZRL of Mitchell oftens comes and helps at the OCARC's VE Test Sessions. We always appreciate his experienced assistance!


This is My Good Friend LEN KE4WUP, On the Air he sounds just like Festus on Gunsmoke, He's definetly one of the "Good Guys" on Amateur Radio!


Here's PAUL N9OFU down in Lubbock, TX. He's one hard workin' Guy!

VE TEAM July 2011

In July 2011 the OCARC VE Team tested out some new Hams in the area. Pictured LtoR; Larry WB9FHP, Charlie KC9UNI, Janet KC9KFX, Rick KC9UNH and Chuck N9NAP. It was a sucessful session!

Stop Excuses
Here's a shot of WB9FHP's right OP's Position #2. The computer on the left controls the WB9FHP-5 RMS Windmor and Winlink Packet Station. The Computer on the Right Controls the "RF HILL" Packet BBS. One computer isn't in the photo it is the one that controls the ICOM 706MKIIG at the right.!!
Here We are together Janet KC9KFX (left) and Myself Larry WB9FHP (right) before a recent Orange Coutny Amateur Radio Club Meeting. Pix courtesy of WW, KB9TMP.
OC ARES/RACES Emergency Vehicle
The Orange County Amateur Radio Club used Don N9YGP's Big RV for our 'K9D' Dogwood Special Event Station and then drove it in the 2007 Orleans Dogwood Festival Parade. This vehicle can also be used in emergencies by the Orange County ARES/RACES Teams if needed!
N9TUL's Little Buddies
This is MORRIS, N9TUL's cat. Gerald says Morris helps him send emails and corrects his spelling!
BRUTES spends most of his time keeping Gerald out of trouble in the wilds of Florida!
Sunday Nite Net Invite

WB9FHP's 61 Now..Help Him Out..Check In!


Here's our Memphis (Indiana) connection AB9LF Gary! I got to meet up with him again in Pekin, IN where I was helping with damage assesment after the Tornados. Gary works for the IDHS Now! (shown here standing next to Marsha N9PTY)


WD9CVP is 'Off To The Races?'.................OR...Gas just went down 25 cents...Now I can Afford to drive this thing!!!


Here's Good ol' Bill, WD9CVP from Elgin, Illinois doing his Mario Andretti imitation...On second thought he could be having a 'Walter Mitty' episode!!.....I dunno maybe he's just tryin' to "Drag Into Work"....


Roy KC9LKW whispering to his wife Mary KC9LKS, "Hey Mary...reckon these characters really know what their talking about?"

K9JYA in '46'
K9JYA and his Model A

Dateline 1946 Bromer, IN - Harold, K9JYA and his new wife Marjorie dropped in at her folks farm while cruising around the country in Harold's 1929 Model 'A' Ford. Harold was attending Central Normal College in Danville, IN at the time......great set of 'wheels' ya had there Harold!


Former O.C.A.R.C. club secretary Jim, N9PRZ spends a lot of his time spreading good cheer around Orange County!"

Roy and Mary

Two Brand new O.C.A.R.C. members are Mary, KC9LKS and Roy, KC9LKW a fine husband/wife ham team that hail from near English, Indiana!


Rick Emerick KC9UNH besides being a Ham is also Orange County's EMA Director!


KB9WAR's Answer IS...

 Battle of Corydon
"Thanks to Jeff KB9WAR for submitting the "Cracked Crystal" award photo and the answer to the Question was the Battle of Corydon.....and by the way Jeff's still got his arm stuck in that cannon!
VE Test in Paoli Jan 2012
Two new Hams in Orange County!!
Shown here with the OCARC VE Testing Team are the newest Hams in Orange County. LtoR; Larry WB9FHP, Lex KC9VHQ, Buford KC9VHP and Chuck N9NAP. This was the OCARC's January 2012 test day.
N9OAP to the Rescue
Neither Snow nor Ice can stop a HAM!
Back during the big winter storn of 2008, Kenny N9AOP and myself ventured out on icy roads to help get fuel oil to friends who's heaters had run out. Kenny is shown here tranferring fuel oil from his containers. "Old Apple Pie" to the rescue!
OCARC Class Demo 2012
Digital Mode Training at OCARC Ham Class
The Orange County Amateur Radio Club has been holding a Technician License Class during the month of December 2011 at the Orange County Hospital's Education Room. These classes should be completed by the middle of January 2012. This photo shows Larry WB9FHP, (seated) showing 2 members of the class, Lex Stout, (standing left) and Buford DeWitt, (standing right) how to use a Digital Mode Program in a computer interfaced with an amateur rig. This demonstration occurred during the session on station operating and use of various modes. Lex and Buford were surprised to find out Hams have been "texting" and sending photos over the air long before cellphones were even thought of!
VE Team in March
OCARC VE Team Brings 2 New Hams into the Fold!
The OCARC's VE Testing Team brings 2 more locals into the Orange County Ham Fold. On Saturday morning March 10th, 2012 right after the Club's regular monthly meeting they held a VE Testing session and 2 new Tech Class licenses were earned. Pictured (LtoR) VE Team Liason Larry WB9FHP, Allen Shuff W9ON, VE, Charles Z. Emerick and His Uncle Charles W. Emerick (New Techs) and VE Chuck N9NAP...it was a good day in Paoli!

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