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 RF Hill meets the DoDropIn
During the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's Field Day Event on the Courthouse Lawn in Paoli, we got a big surprise all the way from Cincinnati, OH. Steve Secrest, W8WFO net manager of the "DoDropIn" Net which happens when their Conference Server hooks up to the KB9OHY repeater on ECHOLINK at 9PM every Saturday Night. Larry WB9FHP and Steve W8WFO, (ltor), shake hands on getting to actually "eyeball" each other for the first time after all the years of talking via ECHOLINK. Field Day is always fun..but surprises like this make it EXTRA Special! Thanks for driving allthe way from Ohio to see us Steve!

Silent Key

This page is dedicated to an old friend who is now a "Silent Key". Larry Foster, WB9DNB and I started making contact and exchanging electronics info way back in the middle 60's. Larry was partially instrumental in getting me interested in Amateur Radio. He was a fine Ham and a good friend! We miss Ol' Scratchy!
Here's some photos of our fellow amateurs, friends, pets and "ham-related" stuff. I'm always looking to "pick up" new pix and info from all the great guys in this hobby. So keep your eyeballs "peeled" for photos that you think merit posting. My email is good on QRZ.

"Here's Ethel"

My "hero" JACKY W9JCV & his truck "Ethel"!


This is our dog "Tootsie"...she thinks this outfit is a bummer!

WB9FHP & Dog

WB9FHP and his black Lab "Cheyenne"

Amateur Radio Is Fun!
Support Your Local Ham Club!
This is John T. KB9PIE, one of the members of the Dugger Ham Club. When he's not "chewin'" on his leg with a chainsaw John T likes to eat!
Chris VK3HGX
Chris's Truck
One of our "ECHOLINK" connections in Melbourne, Australia is Chris VK3HGX. These two pix show Chris in his "shack" and below a photo of the big rig he "wheels" around amongst the "Roos" and Emus!
Tim, K9US Gets the "bird"!
Tim, K9US
Dear in Velvet
A great wildlife pix from Ron, WD9BIM in Bedford of a buck still in "velvet"!
Bill (KW9UFO) is our Terre Haute connection! He tells us his XYL likes to use antenna elements for tomatoe stakes...that's why his garden "radiates" so well!
Congrats' GrandPa!!
KB9TMP and Grandson
Bill Warren(WW) KB9TMP shows off his newest grandson Ryan Alexander Smothers. We will be interested to find out when "gramps" gives Ryan a PL-259 on the end of a stick for a rattler!
The Old Orange County Jail (pictured right) in Paoli, IN sustained major damage from the straight line high winds during a severe thunderstorm on Sunday April 3rd, 2006!
Old County Jail
Looking Southeast
Indicated by the red square in the photo at the left is my station as seen from the KB9OHY repeater site which is approx. 2040 feet from my station. Your looking Southeast out the door of the repeater building. The repeater has a frequency of 147.045 and 444.025 both with a plus offset.
KB9OHY Tower
This photo shows a skyward view up the side of the 160 foot KB9OHY repeater tower located about 1.5 miles outside of Paoli. The tower is owned by the Indiana Natural Gas Company and also is shared with several utilities and has quite an array of antennas hanging on the side. The main repeater antenna is 20 feet from the of the tower on the Southeast side. Both the KB9OHY repeaters are owned by the Orange County ARC and serves a good sized area.

Me and Katie



WD9BIM and Katie Praying Mantis Puffballs
Our master photographer and long-time friend Ron, WD9BIM shown here relaxing with his faithful Labrador "Katie". What a Team!
Here's a great close-up by Ron of a Praying Mantis.
The round objects in the photo above are some "Puffballs" a type of rather unique and hard-to-find mushrooms WD9BIM found in the Hoosier National Forest. They are record size, nearly as big as basketballs. Compare them to "KATIE" along side.

Sunday Net

Dot the Tomcat Dewey Foghorn Rooster Cheyenne
"Dot", the Tomcat gets along great with the dogs at WB9FHP's.
"Dewey" is a female African Goose who lays about 28 eggs every spring!
"Foghorn" is a Black Jersey Giant Rooster and very gentle.
"Cheyenne" loves to see cameras!

Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix

Here's a pix of "DANDY" another one of my dogs. He's playing in the snow we had here in Orange County in February. Dandy is a fine pet and great watchdog!
Yawning Cheyenne Buster
"Look Ma...No Cavities"
"My Faithful Little Dog "BUSTER" Passed away in March 2007. He was almost 17 years old! We sure do miss this little Guy!!!

WB9FHP's Web?
WB9FHP Antennas
This is the main antenna array at the station of WB9FHP. Dual Band vertical(top), Dual Band 2m/70cm "Scorpion 88" Quad(2nd down). At the bottom of photo (starting at left),homebrew Lindenblad, homebrew Quadrafilar helix, Modified A99, homebrew 5/8wave 2m, Echolink super "J" and Six meter "J-pole".
Lucy's First
Lucy and Sophie
These two beautiful young ladies photos were sent to us by my old friend Bill, W9WA whose QTH is in Springfield, KY. These two photos are of his grandaugthers. The top one shows Lucy one her very first birthday recently. The bottom photo show Lucy and her older sister Sophie. W9WA has every reason possible to be proud!

The Master Carpentry of Josh, KB9ZWR of Owensburg, IN.

Knife Case Knife Case Open Heardboard Nightstand Nightstand Top
One of KB9ZWR's beautiful hand-crafted knife cases.
The inside craftsmanship of the knife case.
A well-crafted "contemporary" headboard by Josh.
The most funtional of bedroom accessories by our man in Owensburg is this stylish night stand.
Notice the fine inlay work of the night stand top....Norm Abrams "eat your heart out"!

Tower Cam
Here's an interesting photo that comes to our photo page from Daniel, KC9EKE. It's a shot from Daniel's Tower Cam which is 35 feet up, looking south southeast, 2 blocks north of Route 33 in Oblong, Illinois. Thanks for the great photo Dan!
Here's a photo of our good friend Brent, KI9G who hails from Seymour, IN. Brent is doing a great job for amateurs in Jackson and Bartholomew Counties. Keep up the good work Brent!

What? Not Another One!
YUP! Like I needed another mouth to feed. Well here's the latest addition to the WB9FHP station managerie. His name is BRANDY and he is a beautiful and smart chocolate Lab. He's a great dog and I'm sure I'll have more pix of him later!

The Three Mouseketeers
Well here they are! Sweetie Pie, Baby Bear and Buddy Boy and they are purebred Chipoodles, and just like three Tasmanian Devils too!

 NOAA 17 Transmissin
This is an APT WX transmission from NOAA 17 recently. I was using a converted BC250 scanner and the Quadrafilar Helix Antenna (I built out of 3/8"copper tubing) shown the photos at the right via the WXimgtol software (the little yellow + in Indiana represents my position)...not too bad for a homemade antenna!
WX Satellite Antenna's
WB9FHP Antennas
This is a close-up of a couple of "homebrew" antennas I built for WX satellitte APT (Automatic Picture Transmission) from NOAA satellites. On the left is the Quadrifilar Helix I used for the Sat Pix at the top of the page. On the right is the Lindenblad antenna. Both are set up for left-hand circular polarization and both are constructed out of 3/8" copper tubing and PVC Pipe. I usually don't even have to use a preamp.!

Traffic Handling????
Big Radiogram& FHP
WB9FHP in a perplexed tone, "How'd heck am I supposed to get this big radiogram in a Number 10 envelope?"
Olden Days from French Lick
 Buck at Red's Shack 1972
Recently I run across an old radio friend on the 146.790 repeater, Dale KC9FQ, who lives in Columbus, IN. He and I go way back. The above photo (Dale drug out of mothballs), is a shot I took of him in my shack at my parent's home in French Lick, IN around 1972. He had brought over his Halicrafters SR-46A 6 meter AM rig and his Knight Kit F175 Linear for us to try out...AHH!..Brings back fond memories...TVI anyone????

Niki KC9UGI and OCARC VE Team!
 Niki and VE Team
On Saturday May 14th, 2011 Niki Stock (new call KC9UGI) of English, Indiana, a student from the latest Orange County Amateur Radio Club's Licensing Class, Proudly displays her CSCE stating she is a New Technician that she passed at the VE Testing Session at the Paoli Volunteer Fire Station. Pictured behind her is the OCARC VE Team (LtoR) Larry WB9FHP, Janet KC9KFX and Chuck N9NAP. So be listening for Niki on the air soon!

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