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"The Best Photos From Our Great Amateur Radio Friends!"

"Hams Do Not Live By Bread Alone!
 KA9QWC Bread
Here's Don KA9QWC from Whitley County with a loaf of his Fresh Home made Bread (or we should say what's left of it), proving that although Hams may not live by Bread sure is a good place to START! (It also builds bodies in 47 ways..Hi..Hi..)
"How To Solder Copper Pipe!
 Zionsville High School Amateur Radio Club
During an Zionsville High School amateur radio club "hands on" session, Dick WW9WG (far right in photo), guides two students in proper solder techniques on hard drawn copper tubing during the construction of a "2 meter J-Pole" antenna. Students Learn that "sweating copper" with a propane torch gets the job done!
"ON-the-AIR Light
 Custom ON AIR Light
Our friend Don WR7DW sent us a photo of a custom made ON-The-AIR light made for him by his brother-in-law John in Montana. Pretty Neat! you can go to the web at to see some of John's other metal creations, and phone number to order one is 1-406-889-3424. I have got to get me one of these!

 KC9FQ & Casey KC9DOG?
From Bartholomew County (Columbus to be exact) we find Dale KC9FQ sitting in on one of his pup "Casey's" CW should be noted here that Casey uses his teeth to tune coaxial cables to their correct length for proper SWR...Dale often times finds various sized pieces of coax laying around and wonders why his transmissions aren't heard. Someone said they heard KC9DOG/temporary AGgrevation on the air recently!
From Shelby County here's Tom KB9RBB next to his "Stormchaser" 4-Wheel Drive...all ready to roll and make on the spot reports. Tom is active in SKYWARN and you can catch him on Echolink and quite often on the W9WIN sytem of repeaters here in Southern and Central Indiana. KEEP UP the GOOD WORK Tom!

Bedford Indiana Man (BIM)
From Lawrence County - Here's Ron WD9BIM (The Bedford Indiana Man) explaining how Diet Coke helps him maintain his figure!
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On A Visit!
 Jim AB9NA
Another fine Ham Friends, Jim AB9NA, who came up to visit us at one of our Ham Club Field Days. Jim hails from New Albany. You'll hear him a lot on 3803 on his full wave loop after 10PM local time. Always a fun guy to work!
A Couple of Happy XYL's
Talk about a couple of Happy XYL''s Louise KC9JID from Mitchell and my XYL, Janet KC9KFX having a great time at one of our Club's outside events. even the gals prove how much the fellowship of Ham Radio can be!



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