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WB9FHP-L RF Gateway Located On Simplex At 145.680 MHz

++++On Sundays at 7:30 EST / 00:30Z We Link The "RF Hill" Gateway Room to the KB9OHY 2 meter repeater so You May Check In to the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's SUNDAY NITE NET! Please Hook Up and Join The Group. If You Have Announcements or Amateur Related Items for our SWAP SHOP please Bring Them! We Like To Hear From Canada..The UK..Asia..or Wherever You May Be!++++

How eQSO Works

eQSO is a client / server software program designed by Amateur Radio enthusiasts for linking Amateur Radio RF gateways and repeaters via the Internet. the software may be used by licensed Amateur Radio operators and Short Wave Listeners provided the rules are followed.
WB9FHP-L is a registered eQSO RF Gateway. A Gateway (a computer connected to a radio transceiver) facilitates worldwide communications for radio transceivers that normally only have a range of a few miles. A Gateway has two functions:
*Firstly, a radio receives local (short range) amateur radio transmissions. The audio is fed into the soundcard of a computer. The computer, using eQSO Gateway software, then sends the voice data over the Internet (using VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol) to anywhere in the world where it can be received on another computer using the eQSO software. The receiving computer may be a personal computer fitted with headphones or speakers, or it may be another Gateway.
*Gateway computers receive voice data from around the world, and then feed that data into a radio transmitter, which will send it to local radio amateurs.
*The main advantage of Gateways is that they allow reliable worldwide mobile (or even "mobile to mobile") radio communications (of excellent quality) with inexpensive and low power equipment - even handy talkies!
The WB9FHP-L RF Gateway is a Simplex Link. The average mobile range is about 25 miles at present and the average range for a decent base set-up is about 50 miles. I hope to increase this range soon with the addition of extra altitude and power and a specialized antenna system.
This simplex link is very easy to use as you can see and no DTMF Control Funtions are needed. I put the RF Gateway in place for the use of all amateurs and I would really like to see folks use it. Don't worry about hurting it....PLEASE USE IT!
I think you will find eQSO easier to use than ECHOLINK, which is a great system too! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on the link itself or by email. Enjoy!

 Become a Ham!  

I would like to see someone start a ragchew net on the WB9FHP-L "RF Hill" Gateway called the RAGCHEWER'S101 Net if YOU would like to be the NCS please email me with your IDEAS. It'll be a great way to meet new hams from all over the world! Your HELP will be appreciated!!

WB9FHP-L RF Gateway DTMF Codes



**When you tune in to the Gateway just say "CQ" and ID NORMALLY!**
***Make Contact as much as you Like...That's What it's Here for!
****I will Be Changing some Locations From Time to Time So Check Back Here For Updates!

Easy A Caveman Can Do It!

Email Us!
Email us at "wb9fhp@verizon.net"


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