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WB9FHP's "RF HILL" Speedy Review!

Keep abreast of RF Hill WX Conditions with our "Rapid Fire" Weather Stickers, on this Page and around our Website! !

THE ORANGE COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB's next meeting is Tuesday, December 8th at 7PM. This is the Club's Annual Christmas Party/Meeting! It will be held at the Valeene Wesleyan Church Annex Building in Valeene. For further info and directions contact WB9FHP!

Due to changes in the Hospital Administration the OCARC regular monthly meeting will be occurring on the 3rd Tuesday of each month..also VE Session will now occur on the 2nd Saturday of every other month!!

Orange County ARES SET will be coming up in November..Be watching for Exact Date...Please help us be Prepared..Please Participate!!

Need some help getting your Amateur Radio License? Let WB9FHP give you a hand!!

"Wake-Up" & "Roll-Out" Club Breakfast is coming up on Saturday, November 28th, 2016 @9AM in the Ritz Resaurant here in Paoli- All area Hams are invited!

The next Ham License Testing Session occurs Saturday January 9th at 9AM in the Hospital Education Room!

Check into the Sunday Nite Net at 8PM..Remember 'ECHOLINK' check ins are welcome, Node# 16002!

Try our Packet BBS on 145.050..Also we have an APRS iGate on 144.390!

Get on the KB9OHY Repeater and try out our ECHOLINK Node...Just Press 00 on your mike DTMF pad and find out where it takes You! Also you can get up to date WX Conditions by pressing **2 and forecast by pressing **1. For more info go to the OCARC Club Website at KB9OHY. org!.

Join Charlie KC9VQD our Net Control Operator for the Orange County Emergency Services Net on the KB9OHY Repeater every Thursday at 8PM! ECHOLINK Check-ins Are Welcome use Node # 16002!

Need your BAOFENG UV-5R Programmed? Just give WB9FHP a call!

The next Orange County ARES Meeting will be about the Necessary FEMA NIMS ICS Courses. Please Watch for the Date!






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Sucess At the September VE Testing Session!

Congratulations are in order for 4 people who came out to the Orange County VE Teams Testing session held on Saturday morning September 20th here in Paoli. It was a good day of testing and the VE Team can't wait to hear all the examinees on the air!


The Orange County Amateur Radio Club will have it's next regular meeting on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 7PM in the Hospital Education Room Located in the IU Medical Arts Building next to the Hospital in Paoli. Come to the meeting and get in on our "door prize" drawing. We will be having a special forum after the meeting!

Orange County ARC VE TEST!

The OCARC's Next VE Testing Session will be Saturday morning, 9AM, September 20th at the Hospital Education Room in Paoli. All Classes of license will be tested. Bring 2 ID's and if upgrading a PHOTOCOPY of your FCC License or last CSCE. Cost of test is $15!

RF HILL Stratospheric Project

WB9FHP is currently finishing up the telemetry unit for the upcoming High Altidude Ballon Lauch of the RF Hill "Stratospheric Project" we are currently waiting on FAA appropval for the launch!


I am in the process of starting a new Soujndcard Digital Mode net for those stations in Indiana and all over the US interested in participating..date and time will soon be announced so get your FLDIGI Program loaded and ready!

WB9FHP on Facebook!"

Come visit me on FACEBOOK. Just look for Larry Jones. I always have something Ham wise going on!!


The INARES has a Facebook Group Now! It is called the INARES TEAM ACTIVITIES. It is a place where EC's DEC's and OES's can post activities and photos of INARES activities. Just go to www.facebook.com/groups/inaresteam/ and ask to join!

OCARC's CLUE FoxHunt after Wake-Up & Roll-Out Breakfast!

Make plans now to join in on the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's 10th "Clue-FoxHunt" of 2014 coming up soon...date and time is forthcoming after our monthly meeting. area Hams not only in Orange County but any of the surrounding Counties and you don't have to be a member participate. The 'Clue FoxHunts" are a bit different than most as you don't have to have a bunch of fancy equipment as the 'Fox' not only transmits a simplex but send out verbal 'clues' via our repeater so you can locate the 'Fox' using the 'clues'..makes it fun for all! So come on out and have some great fun!


Hey "FACEBOOK" on the WEB is all the craze these days and the Orange County Amateur Radio Club has joined the ranks of the "Facebookers"! There are posting of photos of events and announcements about events on the Club's "Facebook" Page. So just look for "Orange County Hams" on FACEBOOK...that's where you'll find the Club!.


The Electronic Alternative To "ON-THE-AIR" Tuning

Most radios built today have either Auto Tuners built in or a place you can plug in an external Auto Tuner, but what if you have a older rig and a manual antenna tuner? It really isn't good operating procedure to set the and hold a steady carrier while you crank on a manual tuner to get it to make the radio "think" it's looking at a fifty ohm antenna. To solve this problem you can purchase an "off-line" matchmaker or as they are sometimes call a "pulser". What happens is the "little black box" generates a constant rf noise pulse and by simply tuning the tuner till you hear the pulsing stop (or 'notch out" then you know you have a perfect 1:1 match between your radio and your antenna and you never had to put a single carrier out on the air. "Pulser's" are not expensive and make for a more courteous way to tune that antenna "right on the money"!

Got Some Local News?

If your a ham who lives in Southern Indiana and you know of a good Amateur Radio related news tidbit please send it to me Larry Jones WB9FHP at our email address listed at the bottom of this page and we'll be glad to post it right here in the Local News Block. Also Be watching for some new Page additions to this website for Digital Modes and the 'RF HILL' Stratospheric Project!

"Amateur Radio Is Great Fun and Serves The Public Too!"


*****Check Into the Orange County "EMERGENCY SERVICES NET" every Thurday at 8PM on the KB9OHY Repeater..147.045 noPL...Charlie KC9VQD OCARES AEC is NCS...All Area Hams Welcome!!!*****


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